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Recently I was on a Southwest flight from San Antonio, TX to Charlotte, NC (side note: BOTH of these cities are fantastic for a GWA (Girls Weekend Away)!  Contact me to plan your next GWA!!).

Once I found my seat and settled in for the flight I began pulling out some of my favorite things which I always have to ensure a smooth flight.  As I dug out a snack and plugged my phone into my jump charger I had an epiphany.

Being a Professional Travel Planner, frequent traveler, AND a blogger, I thought “HEY!!  I should share a list of my favorite travel items!”

So, here it is, the top 10 items I never fly without:

1. Beats by Dre.

These are my go to noise cancelling headphones. There are numerous noise cancelling headphones on the market. We all love babies, but let’s face it they cry laugh and babble a lot and an entire flight with, honestly, any kind of constant noise can be downright  uncomfortable.

2. My Known Travel ID number from TSA Pre✓®.

You might think I don’t fly but once every other year, but it is WORTH it. I love it for all of my business and vacation travel!  It consistently saves me time going through security even at the busiest airport.  Not to mention the years of my life I have gotten back from the reduction of stress alone!!  For me (and possibly for you too) $85 for 5 years is well worth its weight in gold….

3. Airline App

Before I get to the airport I make sure to download the airline app on my smart phone- I consider this my personal gate agent. I can check my arrival gate/gate changes, flight notifications, and much, much, more all from the (relative) comfort of my seat while chillin’ on the tarmac.

4. Favorite Electronics

I ALWAYS have my go to electronics: my Iphone 7 and my Dell laptop.  This lets me spend the flight researching the next dream trip or to blog (this is my +1  I always bring an old skool  paperback book – I’m currently reading Love Warrior: A Memoir.

5. A Portable Power Bank

While most airports are now providing USB port plug-ins to charge your electronics, you’ll often find that 90% of them are used and the other 10% do not work. So I cover my bases.  I use this during my flights, but it’s also perfect for a quick charge when you’re using your phone GPS to find that FABULOUS night spot you heard about.

6. A Neck Pillow

My favorite heated neck pillow by ThermaTek® for that quick, comfy, powernap.

7. My Favorite Scarf

I keep my cashmere scarf (or whatever type of sweater/jacket you prefer) with me at all time.  Inevitably I will dress for the weather in San Antonio, but the airplane thermostat is set to mimic the current weather in the arctic.

8. Snacks

I keep an array of travel snacks with me.  I prefer snacks like apples & almond butter and cheese cubes & dried fruit.  Airport food can be pricey and typically not the most healthy so this helps tide me over until I make it to my hotel (or, even better, HOME).

9. Hand sanitizer!

I really should have put this as my number one item because…well, no explanation needed, right!?!?

10. The Most Important Thing…

And finally I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS pack a big smile and plenty of patience.  When you’re at the airport look to your right, now look to your left, yep!  All those annoying people all around you…they’re in the same mess you are (probably even worse cuz THEY probably didn’t read my blog and pack my ten favorite things!!)

Now that I’ve gone on and on about my 10 favorite travel items I feel I should continue to help you on your next trip by giving away one of the items listed. So, I’ll do just that!

Email me which of my ten favorite things is YOUR favorite (or tell me if your favorite isn’t listed) and I will mail you one of the things I never fly without ……………………………………… Safe Travels

Here's a list of 10 things I always pack when traveling.

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